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Features of Best Yocaher Longboard Brands

Features of Best Yocaher Longboard Brands

From beginning any time folks wanting to journey through longboards, a couple of organizations assist the consumer together with proper longboard. Yocaher longboardwill be one and a lot more superior longboards together with reinvented and also changed model. Parents already trying to find risk-free longboard for youngsters and lastly pick these kinds of longboards. These kinds of longboards are usually best expression regarding imagination and also properly identified regarding riding activities just like carving, moving, converting, and even more.

Best Yocaher Longboard Brands

Features of Yocaher Longboard:

A lot of the Yocaher longboards will be robust, strong and also really resilient inside dynamics. If you prefer a large velocity riding, next no issue with your longboards and definitely will supply a protected sense to suit your needs. Overall parts of the body are manufactured in accordance with riding type and also riding surface area. Considering that the Yocaher longboards is quite robust and also adaptable, any riders can easily lay on the particular deck during dropdown proceeding. The features are given below:

  • Yocaher longboards is obviously making certain every type regarding riding actions together with quite high velocity.
  • Even though almost all riding characteristic provides within each longboards but some longboards are made to acquire specific riding actions which includes Freeriding, down hilling, and also touring.
  • The style and also shade regarding Yocaher longboards tend to be as compared to special. The particular specific models of the longboards are usually treasured simply by almost all lessons regarding consumer.
  • An individual which enjoys sophisticated layout has to be checked out these kinds of panels. Several longboards have taken specific look after layout and also shade. Among these kinds of sort of longboard will be Yocaher Specialist Velocity Fall Straight down Tarnished Full Longboard.
  • A lot of the deck made simply by Yocaher use a specialized for the best operate. The particular riding type establishes the particular compactness and also overall flexibility with the deck
  • Considering that the wheels establishes the outer lining problem where the particular longboards can easily journey easily, they’ve got produced any wheel together with specific characteristics.
  • A lot of the wheels are manufactured together with tough plastic-type as well as the Pintail provides 70x52mm wheels 78A firmness. 78A signifies the particular wheels are usually quite smooth and also effortlessly take in almost any jolt regarding clean riding.
  • YOCAHER Fresh Full Longboard KICKTAIL provides employed any 7″ metal blend trucks. A lot of the trucks have got integrated the complete specifications characteristic to get an entertaining and also risk-free riding.

Finally,Considering that the timber useful for well-defined and also clean carve, the particular Yocaher longboards provides good quality timber and possess a great blend. You should not change that. Abec7, Abec 5 and also Abec 3 having is usually useful for longboards make from the Yocaher. A lot of the elements which includes having are usually robust and also resilient adequate in which stays unrevised right after ingesting almost any anxiety or perhaps jolt regarding difficult or perhaps clean surface area.

Apr 19

How To Choose The Best Camping Toilets For Your Camping Trip?

There are certain things in camping, which if are not present can cause a lot of inconvenience to the people. A camping toilet is one such thing that is very important to have in the camping trip, otherwise people will ramble from one place to another for the right place to drop the load. Most camping authorities provide campers with the toilet facilities, yet it is important for campers to determine the condition of the toilets.

It is a well-known fact that the camping toilets are not well-maintained in most of the camping sites. So, checking the condition of the camping toilet is very important. I would also like to mention that the type of hygiene that you get at home will certainly won’t be available at the camping site.  So, instead of using camping toilets, you can use portable toilets. You don’t have to use that filthy toilet seat that contains all sorts of bacteria.

The portable camping toilets are not that expensive, and whatever money you spend on them will be consumed when you use them on multiple occasions during the camping trip. There are many benefits of using a portable camping toilet. If you want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then you will think before going to the toilet facility provided by the camp authorities.

But, when you have a portable toilet, then it will be easier for you to use the bathroom without worrying about the darkness and the intrusion of any wild animal. Many people take camping toilets very seriously like sleeping bags. People when selecting a sleeping bag take a look at the sleeping bag reviews by visit Camping Capital. So, they can do the same at the time of buying a camping toilet.

When it comes to the types of camping toilets, there are two types that are currently available in the market. These are; simple and complex.

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Feb 14

Travel from Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh city

After spending time in the historic city of Mekong Delta, going to Phnom Penh Cambodia is a splendid idea to continue your adventure. Phnom Penh Cambodia is also a place that is worth visiting for.

The Mekong Delta has been placed at the center of Saigon and Cambodia. With the help of our Mekong delta tours, you can travel Phnom Penh or Angkor Wat from Saigon, or from Cambodia to Vietnam. The routes can be covered using cruise boat and overland to explore and enjoy the excellent scenery along the way to Mekong Delta or vise Versa. Each tour comes with different lengths, and all of them come with an overnight trip with one of the most beautiful river cruisers.

In travelling from Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh, there are lots of eye catching views to see. You can appreciate and feel the beauty of the attraction as you pass by riding in a boat. These tourist attractions are very popular and also comes with historical facts that play a vital role in Vietnam history. The historical facts are perfect for all types of ages, but it is an educational information for your kids who probably learning their history of different countries.

As you travel from Mekong Delta down to Phnom Penh, you will see lots of beautiful tourist attraction. I guarantee you that you would love to capture each tourist attraction and consider this as one of the best souvenirs in your vacation. Aside from that, you will experience shopping in the floating market. The products will surely amaze you since they produce a unique stuff that is being sold exclusively on their country.

The luxurious river cruise boats that are sailing to send you in Phnom Penh also come with an elegant ambience that can make you feel more comfortable while enjoying the view of the river side. Riding one of the best boats will surely make your vacation complete and satisfying. You will never regret at visiting these because even at night, you will enjoy the view of the tourist attractions. Travelling day and night are both give an excellent experience that you won’t surely forget.

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Jan 20

Get Ready For Road Advanture – Choose The Right Road Bike Or Triathlon Bike

Every biker is aware of that in order to be ready for the road ride, they have the suitable bike along with the right equipment. You usually are not a real biker if you simply enter into a retail store and randomly select the bike items which you will want; you should spend some time to thoroughly choose your own bikes things, especially if you want a triathlon cycle.road bike If you might have been thinking about getting the best road bikes under 1000 or perhaps a cheap triathlon bike, you must first try to experience the triathlon bikes because if you don’t have that experience already , it makes not any sense to you , you even consider getting the triathlon bike.

Deciding Between These Two Bikes:

If you are thinking about getting a bike, You must first decide the goal of the bicycle that you will be planning to get. Will you be using this bike to compete to any triathlon all the time or you are using this bike regarding simple driving expeditions and for your own leisure pursuits? This would be the major thing that you must consider whenever choosing road bicycles which help you to get the right bike and it would be the major determining consider the bike that you will get.

The Main Difference Between Road Bikes And  Triathlon Bikes:

Beginners in the biking must try the triathlon first because  the triathlon feature quickly be aware that these  pair of bikes are different from each other. The best cheap road bike is designed to handle nearly all aspect that you can be assigned when you are on the road biking tour. They are designed to be ridden well when rider have a limited size of space, such as what we have when you are competing in racing. They climb up on the hills well and they also take sides astoundingly. Road bikes are designed to keep people upright as well as your hands are placed on the top of this handle in order for you to quickly adjust gears and quick control over the speed.

While triathlon bikes usually are not completely different from road bi-cycles, these bikes are designed with optimum speed for the reason that major concern, while encouraging the rider to save on energy in order for them to complete their race and also never be tired and winded at the end. The seats which can be made for these bikes are designed to be steeper than road bikes due to the fact triathlon cycles require this riders to search further and stay with the cycles longer. Bikes made for triathlon may also be designed using shorter chains and are made to support rider’s open up hips every time they are riding in an aero situation.

The decision to get triathlon bi-cycle as well as road bi-cycle, as you can see, depends wholly in your specific desires and use. However, whatever you may be using this bike for, it is highly recommended that you decide on custom developed bicycles because a bike that may be custom designed is made for you and may take your own personality, model and convenience into mind.

Apr 27


You may find several factors that are related with this type of investigation. The main cause that has been investigated is their nervous system that helped to change their nature and different pattern with which they are fed by the people.

The ocean has gone across that helped to cause high activities round the globe. You may find less fishes in the ocean that is due to many animals living along with over fishing that is done. This is also the reason that increased number of sharks and other animals that lives on water.shark

The behaviour of fish is also influenced by the pollution that is toxic around and that is not beneficial for the sharks or any other creature that is supporting their lives in the oceans. The effects can be both mental as well as physical that alters the behaviour and also different responses like neuronal. This is the main reason you may find sharks as aggressive, irrational and also irritant and cannot be predicted as well.

There are many factors that makes shark unpredictable and that behaviour also effects human and can also attack them.

You may also find some additional factors that will help you more to know:

  • You may know that sharks have that ability that helps them to detect the presence of human in front of them even if they are coming from miles away through nose by smelling or by hearing through ears. The fields are different that are from electromagnetic that can also lasts till long distances and this is the reason that helps to increase more chances to get information and related things with humans.
  • Oxygen level decreases with the help of increased temperature and this is the major point that will affect the quality of water and is also dangerous for life living on the aquatic. If the oxygen level decreases so you may find many effects on the fishes that destroy their system in every way.
  • You may find many people going to the beaches and they usually have strong fields that help the shark to get where they are actually. You may also see that sharks can sense easily and will also proceed towards these fields of electromagnetic. The reason behind is to save them with the territory and also to get proper food.
  • The other factor that helps sharks restless is also strong tidal flow in the oceans and other is the raised temperatures f water. This is the reason sharks gets aggressive and also anxious and also find new territories for them.
  • Sharks metabolism is also increased by warm ocean waters and other living fishes in the ocean.

After knowing all the factors the main reason for sharks decline and increasing in number is due to their nervous system. The sharks activities are changing and they are becoming more anxious. Restless and can get anything they wish to have for feeding themselves so that they can live.

Apr 27

Family Trip: Fishing Ideas


This article will share the useful information and ideas about how you can spend a memorable trip with your family. When you are on a trip with your family, then you can consider many options. In short you can consider fishing because it an economic activity which attract everyone in spite of the age. In order to confirm that your family members are having safe and enjoyable time with bait and bars, it is advisable to follow the below given practices and guiding principles.

  • Set the Correct Tone:

As you know that serious angler is all about focus and quiet in order to land the big fish, but kids want more fun. Thus, whenever you plan a family trip with bait, tackle box and rods, always set a proper tone of exploration and quest. Moreover, teenagers do not like to sit and wait for several hours for the nibble. In spite of this, they might want to squelch in skim stones, water, search for rocks, throw branches in water, see butterflies, pick flowers, catch frogs and also play the hide and catch. It is advisable to save the somber fishing for teenagers- only tour and emphasis this tour on the enjoyable adventure.

  • Get Ready in Advance:

It is not important to have extravagant hold and gear but always ensure that you have necessary items which you might need as you hit water. It is suggested to pack adequate line, hooks, lures and bait in event which you misplace few items. Have ice and cooler if you want to take the fish home along with you. Moreover, bring hats, gloves, basic aid kit and sunscreen. Never forget drinks and snacks for all family members in your trip.

  • Selecting Equipment:

  1. Dense rods and twisted lines might be annoying for the young anglers. Moreover, you might avoid some of these problems by selecting the rods sensibly. Always remember that one of the best designs which are made for the beginners is Spincast Mechanism. In order to cast, you only have to push the switch on roll while pushing the streak onwards into water.Spin cast Mechanism
  2. Another harmless choice for the youngsters is Barbless Hooks. Furthermore, if you select the barbless hooks, then squeeze the hooks with the pliers in order to remove them on barbs. The lack of hooks will allow you to unfasten the barbs if they holdup someone or something by chance.Barbless Hook
  3. Finally, bread, insects and worms make the perfect bait for the kids. Always use the simple sinker and bobber in order finish the setting up of the rod. Even though non-natural baits might be appealing, it is very complex to do fishing with them. bread, insects and worms
  • Safety Guiding Principles:

It is advisable to take precautionary measures in order to confirm that each family member stays secure on the family fun trip. In spite of the swimming skills, it is important that everyone should wear an individual flotation device especially when they are around the deep water. It comprises time consumed on the boat and deep water.

Apart from this, Always follow safety guiding principles while fishing too. In order to avoid mishaps, teach kids correct casting techniques. It is advisable to carefully follow all the safety plans to make it sure that the family trip on water is an enjoyable and positive experience.



Apr 03

Getting the Flawless Serve: Badminton Rules

This article will share the valuable information about the rules of badminton. Moreover, ways for getting serve. It is a well-known fact that in racket centered games, good defense is considered as an important offense. Therefore, if you really working hard to win any game, it is vital to ensure that you do your best especially when it’s your chance to serve.

It is worth mentioning that a firm serve can assist to make it sure that players do not have to finish while defending themselves when they are actually playing the game. Beside this, one of the best tricks related to good severs is to ensure that players are fully responsive of the service instructions & rules and be able to stick to these rules.

Service mistakes are high and especially some others games like badminton in which you can expect anything,   it is vital to ensure that players are leading all through their service in addition not protecting. However, keeping in view the above discussion, I would like to share the some important service rules, which players have to obey & follow during the game.

The rules of badminton

The rules of badminton

  1. Never Delay

One of the most basic and essential rule is that never delay. Always remember that service method in the badminton comprises of a particular position where players raise their back foot. As they raised their back foot, they cannot go forward and backward however, they must serve straightaway. If they fail to do, then a point will be given to other side.

  1. Placing

It is vital to know that the service in the both games i.e. tennis and badminton includes both players who are holding their positions on the contradictory crosswise side of a court. Moreover, if they become successful in serving correctly ahead of their opponent, then again a point will be awarded to their opponent. Apart from this, positioning is very essential in the double badminton. Moreover, in case of the double badminton, players are unable to block the outlook of their opponents to serve. It is vital that both feet should touch the court.

  1. Rules of Racket

It is compulsory that racket hit a base or bottom of a shuttlecock, especially in Badminton. It is crucial to remember that racket tube simply point downwards. It simply means that head of a racket should be directing upward. Furthermore, it is vital to note that throughout the service, racket only initiates from a back and lasts forward. Players cannot move their racket backward and forward, when it initiates to move ahead.

  1. Rules of Shuttlecock

Rules of Shuttlecock

Throughout the service, shuttlecock should always be under a waist of player who is serving. Moreover, shuttlecock does not hit in downwards motion during the service; however, it should hit in upwards motion. If players miss, the shuttlecock then point will be given to the opponent.

  1. Good Manners

It is not advisable to serve, especially if your opponent is not ready for the game.


the purpose of a service rules is to give the players a fair game. Moreover, these rules ensure that players have a firm service.

Mar 25

Teaching Lesson for Historical Fencing

historical fencingFirstly , it is necessary to know that teaching lesson is consider as an initial lesson which students will come across. According to some people, this initial lesson is a type of lesson, which students will remember during their entire previous fencing profession.

The teaching lesson mainly focuses on transferring abilities and skills, which are perfectly taught by the demonstration given by the teacher contrary to the continuous and innovate training by students. Overall, it demands the teacher foremost abilities in order to deliver the appropriate knowledge to the learners both theoretically and factually.

This article will cover the information related to how to put the warm up, skills and final thoughts together in order to form the attractive and effective lesson. This teaching lesson initiates with the precise statements of how, why and what. In other words, why the lesson is important, what basic things you are planning to teach in this lesson and how you can relate it to the facts, which are already known by the students.  These statements must be around about two to five sentences and very brief. It assists the students pay full attention and become able to put this lesson in framework of the entire program.

In this lesson, physical activity initiates with the warm up exercise in order to enhance the both spiritual and physical willingness in order to learn something innovative. It is quite possible that warm up activities might related to fencing along with an emphasis on patterns of movement which would be used in the past lesson. You might select to use the up to date workouts or exercises, which are more concerned with the past fencing approaches. However, any sort of exercises and activities chosen must relate particularly to class and assessed for potential protection. Overall, warm up activity should not be more than the 15-20 minutes.

The basic purpose of this teaching lesson:

  1. It is dedicated to the teaching skills.
  2. Moreover, it occupies the entire time of 30 minutes.
  3. It contains the several guidelines in order to plan the lesson and making it more useful in communicating the desired skills and talents to the students.

An important tip is to start with the known techniques while moving towards the new and unidentified techniques. It is advisable to start from the easy tasks to ones that are more difficult. Always work from very slow to very fast. These rules are also applicable to teaching the certain physical talents in any sort of activity. Moreover, fencing masters are also using these rules from seven hundred years.

It is essential to make the open-minded lessons. Try to build the lessons on each other, which are already taught to the students in order to improve struggle talent of the students. How to do this task will obviously rest on school’s tradition, principal which you are learning. It also demands that you can comprehend and monitor policy discovered in the proper historical manuscripts.

For instance, several sources explain the fencing skills in same sequence in which the teacher have taught the certain skills sensibly. Other sources give the sequence of important skills. After this try to consider, connecting approaches which are logically related to each other in lesson. If you are planning to teach the basic things about offences, then it makes some sense to teach also some defensive techniques against the taught offence in same lesson. In addition, if you are going to teach an initial offense, then it makes some sense to teach that how you can repeat that offensive attack at a closer distance.

By simply following the key objectives of the skill teaching, try to consider including ten to fifteen minutes of solely for the practice, totally depending upon the current level of your student knowledge. Generally, several people join fencing in order to learn hit with their swords plus bout gives them support with sword. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity in order to try practically put on what they have learned in their class. You might note that having a ten minutes session is not a big deal, however, if you are going to fence generally only single hit bout while using the historical rules, then this really permit a lot of the fencing.


In the end, conclude your lesson. However, remember it must include the easy and simple to perform exercises or training which is done at a very slow speed. All the above given useful information will allow you to plan a well-organized skill lesson along with the constant different activities for the students.

Mar 24

The Sword Bout

During 1500s and 1600s, fencers belonging to the fencing societies in Netherlands, France and Belgium organized the several fenced attacks as a part of their coaching sessions but also undoubtedly as the game. All the basic rules have been revealed through the work done by the ancient renowned fencing scholars such as Chandler, Norling and Galas. These researchers have provided the platform for rule- built and organized fencing sessions in ancient fencing program.

This article will discuss the basic rules, which were developed under the light of ancient rules along with the variations for current practice.

These rules are accepted by all fencers and using these rules successfully in different fencing societies.

These rules give the fencers several opportunities to fence with every one other under those conditions when long sword was losing its importance as a useful weapon. However, still appreciated and used regularly as the coaching weapon.

Detail description of these rules is as follows:

  • Firstly, it is important that fencers should be appropriately equipped with the adequate defensive equipment in order to reduce the risk of injury, which can occur by the weapons they are using, as well as different injuries triggered by severe shocks and by cracked blades. It is important to note at any sort of injury to student fencer is consider an investigation of your legal defense and insurance against the potential carelessness.
  • Any fencer who shows himself as drunk or impaired will not be permitted to take part in the game.
  • Bouts are restricted to a particular area. Therefore, always remember that moving outside of this particular areas can results in losing the game. In addition to this, fencing game uses an area of twenty-foot borders. People who are participating in the game should stay outside of this specified area in order to prevent the unintentional hits.
  • It is important to note that all the attacks are only for a particular hit. Fencer who is scoring the hit on targeted area of his opposite fencer wins the game, due to the delivery of after blow and height of cut.
  • In fencing game, target area is consider everything, which is above the fencer’s waist as well defined by superior points of hips. However, remember, it does not includes the hands and arms below fencer’s elbows.
  • Fencers can deliver the hits with the cut, either hewing, shove or cutting. The use of shove is not ancient; fencers use it as it gives a huge range of approaches at both arm distances and footwork. It is vital to deliver all the hits while using both hands on your sword grip.
  • Remember that the first hit in attack win if an after blow happens. In any case, both fencers smash at the same time, then the fencers with higher arms while delivery the hit will win the game.
  • In fencing game, one fencer is elected as king and other one is as champion. In every attack, the fencer who won the game will stay on fencing ground in order to fence the new champion. He can ether hold the authority or becomes a new king.
  • It is necessary to know that, if king is hit, she/ he has the foremost right to a later blow, a hit which is deliver instantly after very initial hit with a help of extreme one step. Moreover, the king who scores an after hit will maintains the kingship. It is consider a good thing to remain king in fencing game.
  • In fencing, it is anticipated that fencers have to recognize all the hits. It is quite possible that fencer can decline the hit accepted by your rival, if she/ he feels that hit was even or else undersupplied.
  • Fencers must remember that life-threatening fencing, hurting the back of fencer’s head, beating the fencer with cross guard and thoughtful hard beating is illegal. Such behaviors or acts can result in losing in the game or in prohibiting by the decision made by participants of the fencing.
  • While playing the game, a fencer who falls or drops her/his weapons might not be knockout by opponents can result in losing the bout. If any fencer face any problem related to the equipment letdown might not hit by rival and might returned back to the fencing as his/her equipment is substituted or fixed properly.
  • In fencing, each participant is accountable for his/her protection along with the protection of other participants. If any fencer senses a risky situation, he has a right to call “stop”. Eventfully all the participants will honor the call of stop immediately.
  • In this game, all the serious disputes will be handle by the managing coach according to the mentioned rules.
  • In fencing, the champion of game will be decided according to the guidelines of competition. It also includes the pervious fencer holding the position of king and the fencer with several wins.
  • Always remember, that any fencer who insult other fencers, blaspheme, dispute with the managing coach and display the substandard sportsmanship will have to pay the fine according to the decisions made by the other participants.

All the above-mentioned rules have proved successful in arranging the tough fought attacks, no major injuries and progressively improving practices.  It is advisable to apply these rules in order to give the strong and reliable basis for bout in long sword sessions and other fencing society’s competitions.

Feb 12

Rediscovering Europe (2)

Magdalena Gwizdon of Poland pushed multi-Olympic Champion Kati Wilhelm to the second spot on the podium in the 7.5K Sprint with a perfect performance on the shooting range. Gwizdon, like her Russian counterpart in the 15K, scored the first World Cup victory of her career.

Although Linda Grubben of Norway picked up the Pursuit victory, Gwizdon took second, confirming that new faces may well dominate this season. Not a new face, but surely a surprising one, Andrea Henkel of Germany left Ostersund with the Yellow Bib. Could it be a year of change for the women or is it simply a post-Olympic year syndrome?

For the man who has dominated biathlon for the past five years, Ostersund proved that the competitions at San Sicario last year were nothing more than a hiccup in the career of Ole Einar Bjorndalen. Coming to Ostersund after a big victory in a cross country World Cup, there was no question about his fitness. Bjorndalen commented that he “prepared very well with the cross country specialists.”

This was a typical understatement for the Norwegian, as he opened the season winning the 20K Individual, despite two, one-minute penalties. Bjorndalen dominated on the tracks, leaving clean shooting Andreas Birnbacher in second place.

Ostersund with a perfect 150 World Cup Points

Although the other male competitors in Ostersund tried to unseat Bjorndalen from the top spot on the podium each day, all failed. The latest Russian star, Dimitri larochenko and Olympic Champion Michael Greis were left longing for first place in the 10K Sprint. They had zero and one penalties, but Bjorndalen virtually matched their hand with a one-penalty day, sealing a second win. larechenko and Raphael Poiree each had one penalty in the 12.5K Pursuit, yet Bjorndalen with four penalties left them 19.7 and 29.2 seconds back.

Unlike the women’s competitions, there were no question marks on the men’s side. Bjorndalen could swagger a bit if he wished as he left Ostersund with a perfect 150 World Cup Points. He had vanquished all who came to challenge him.

The week in Ostersund proved three things: Swedish crowds can imitate their boisterous German counterparts; there is always hope for 33-year-old biathletes that have never been on the podium and the way to keep Ole Einar Bjorndalen off the podium is simple–do not allow him to start!

Feb 11

Rediscovering Europe (1)

Typically, the atmosphere at previous Biathlon World Cup competitions in Ostersund, Sweden have been subdued and quiet. Competitors Often race in front of small and quiet crowds. When the 2006-07 season opened in late November, it was obvious that the Ostersund Organizing Committee is ramping up for the February 2008 Biathlon World Championships.

The spectators from previous years must have been exiled to Lapland and been replaced by loud, knowledgeable (maybe imported from central Europe) fans who filled the stadium and tracks each day. To reinforce their enthusiasm, an attractive cheer squad, musicians and dancers kept the crowds entertained. Suddenly, it seems that the Ostersund Biathlon Stadium is “the place to be.”

Ostersund Biathlon Stadium

At the same time, Ostersund’s planning for the competitions has never been better. Last season, the opening was in doubt until the final days, as warm weather resulted in no natural snow and wreaked havoc on snowmaking. This year, there was no doubt that Ostersund would be ready, cold weather or not. Early November gave most of Sweden abundant natural snow, but as in 2005, it warmed as November progressed.

To insure the competitions, the organizers made and stored abundant artificial snow and stored thousands of cubic meters of natural snow in the woods. In addition, they built up a deep base on the tracks that would prove invaluable once the competitions started.

All of this happened in the rebuilt and realigned Ostersund Biathlon Stadium, dominated by the Arctura tower. Although Ostersund may not be the biggest or best facility on the World Cup circuit it works well. The improved wax cabins, athlete facilities, efficient transport and most of all the enthusiasm for biathlon by the Ostersund Team, all point toward an excellent 2008 Biathlon World Championships.

This well-oiled organization and its enthusiastic crowds ushered in a new season over five days of competitions that delivered results, both surprising and expected.

The surprises came from the women’s competitions, where post-Olympic retirements of Liv Grete Poiree and Uschi Disl offered opportunities for a new generation to prove themselves. On the other hand, Ole Einar Bjorndalen proved once again that he is the “king of biathlon,” claiming three victories in three competitions.

The first surprise came in the Women’s 15K Individual, when 33 year-old Irina Malgina from Khanty Mansiysk scored her first World Cup victory. Just 3.6 seconds separated her from Liv Kjersti Eikeland of Norway, while Canada’s Zina Kocher was another 19.7 seconds back. This trio all scored the best results of their respective careers.

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